JT West – Samuraiguitar (Album Review)

His website is samuraiguitar.com

In Japan he began playing guitar at the age of 14, and within a year was writing songs and performing them in his hometown of Kobe, Japan. Junichi then spent years teaching guitar, performing and touring. Looking to broaden his horizons, he moved to Sydney Australia.

JT West’s new album called “Industrial Complex” is a fusion of POP, ROCK, JAZZ, LATIN, FUNK. This album is JT’s second the first being an acoustic instrumental album. Then had 5 years up his sleeve to Write, Compose and Produce his new Studio Album.

The album is an Instrumental electric, rock, jazz, Latin, fusion inspired album that takes snippets from the 80′s rock to late 70′s early 80′s inspired Symphonic Rock of Jean Michel Jarre. It also has elements like Lee Ritenour, Steve Lukather. JT West style of playing is very special he has great tone and timing. This album really gives listeners a chance to find out for themselves what FUSION is all about.

On his album JT plays acoustic, electric guitar and even bass and has arranged all the other instrument parts.

His gear used on this Album:

Valley Arts Custom Pro Strat 24fret

* Ebony Fret board

* EMG Pickups – Active (SSH)

* Birdseye Maple Neck

* Sadowsky Strings

Yamaha A2000sw Hollow body

* 2 x Gibson Humbuckers

* Thomas 9.5 infield Jazz Strings flat wound.

Tornado Morris 12 String (Japanese)

* D’Addario Strings

Aria Nylon Spanish Acoustic/Electric

* Augustine Strings

Ibanez Bass 4 string

* Active Pickups

* Ash Wood

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