Too Long Wait Time for Rubbery Food (Thai Delite)

Too Long Wait Time for rubbery food (Thai Delite)

My Girlfriend and I wanted Thai food and did not want to go out due to the Anzac Day cold and drab weather. We decided to order take away. I jumped onto the internet and found a restaurant close by. Exactly ten minutes from were we live.

The restaurant is called Thai Delight Cuisine in Marrickville, NSW.

Here is our experience:

1: the food we ordered took over 90 minutes to arrive. Initial wait time I was told was 40-50 minutes

2: the restaurant rang one hour after my initial phone call to tell me that the Papaya Salad was not available

When our food arrived:

1: The money bags were soggy and burnt and actually were made like curry puffs out of puff pastry which had been fried in a pan.

2: The beef and the pork dishes were very chewy and not tender – it was like eating a rubber tyre and the pork jungle curry was stone cold. The beef ‘salad’ was one soggy lettuce leaf with lots of onion and some beef.

3. The best thing was the rice because no idiot could stuff that up.

I will never eat from there again NEVER EVER.

I guess your asking yourself what does this guy know about food or Thai food for that matter? Well I have traveled to Thailand on many many occasions and have many Thai friends who love to cook – I know what good Thai food tastes like.

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