The Dating Rule

Does this rule really work well I did extensive research and implemented this and have found out that yes it does, it allows you to move through the darting game faster and more quickly.

Firstly you know that if a woman was ask out on a date buy George Clooney or Brad Pitt, whatever they had in their diary would be dropped and they would say yest straight away.

The rules are:

Now understanding the Brad and Clooney rule, look to see how the woman you have invited to spend time with responds. There are a few ways she can respond and each gives an accurate measurement of her interest she has in you. Here is a quick list of possible reactions should could have:

1: She accepts your invitations willingly – She is interested in you
2: She declines your invitation, but recommends another time – She is busy, but still interested
4: She declines your invitation politely – She has no interest in you relationship wise
5: She does not respond to your invitation – She has no interest in you at all

The only question you ever need to ask a woman when calling her is: Hi It’s {State your Name} from {were you met her} I was was wondering if you would like to go out {the place you wanna take her. this could be picnic, movies, concert or dinner actually anything}

If you encounter the last 2 responses do not and I mean do not under any circumstances ponder why she declined and try to chase. As the rule says the last 2 points mean leave her alone and move on quickly she is not worth it.

This also applies to on-line dating. Firstly send a message to many woman and see which ones actually work better. Then create a template personalize it a bit and send to many woman you like but do not send a second if they do not reply the first time. once this is done you will notice that woman will start responding with sorry your not my type etc etc.

However you will after 2-4 months get a short list of potential candidates who want to meet you, then its up to you to secure the first date. this is easy, Firstly they responded to you which means they are interested, so asking them out will be easy after they have excepted its up to you to lay the charm on the first date.

My advise is on the first date Please be yourself, be a gentleman and pick up the tab (Bill) even if she asks to go dutch. Now after the first date set in motion the 5 rules to dating.

Hope this helps



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