Teru Cafe Pizza Glebe

It is the third time within one month that I have been to this Cafe/Pizza place. I must say the food is amazing. I took a friend of mine, Australian Photographer Ben Roper, out for lunch. He was very surprised at how good it was. We started by ordering one cappuccino and one chai latte. Ben said that his chai latte was the best he has ever had and my cappuccino was just right.

The first thing you notice about this place is the warm and cozy feeling you get when you enter. The decor is a very rustic Italian style charm. The waitresses are very charming and very helpful – which is nice to see. You do not get that sense of “why am I here?” attitude from them.

We ordered a large pizza mix of Margareta/Meat-lovers. The pizza came out on a large rectangular wooden board. I must add that these pizza are the best I have tried anywhere in Sydney. They are very moist and full of flavor. When our main course came I noticed that the Cafe was getting very full people were coming in droves. This is a testament that a cafe has good food, atmosphere, and great Italian charm.

On my second return to this Cafe I had the pleasure to meet one of the partners, Maurizio Villamagna, he was with his wife and baby. Maurizio is a very friendly family oriented person and knows how to make his customers feel right at home.

I will now make this my local hangout – 10/10 for this place.

33 Glebe Point Rd, Sydney, Australia 2037 NSW

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