Club Yakuza Part 2

Mr. Kumamotos son threw his guitar to the ground clenched his fists and shouted “damn you samuraiguitar” “Next time I will defeat you”. He walked off the stage and left the club. By this time the yakuza gang was restless and started making their way towards the stage. JT decided it was time to split. He made his way like a silent ninja out the back door and stepped into the back alleyway only to be confronted by a long black limousine. JT stood their in front of the limo with his Valley arts guitar in his hand wondering what was next. Before JT could flee the scene the window of the limo opened.

JT stood their staring at this dark figure within the limo “man Get in now” the door opened and JT jumped in for a swift getaway. as they were driving off the yakuza members stood in the alleyway shooting at the limo. JT became very startled as the limo stopped under a street light to reveal that the limo passenger was Steve Lukather “man that was close JT, I had problems with those guys before” Jt replied thanks Steve but how and why were you near the club” Steve looked perplexed but stated ” I heard that Mr. Kumamoto’s son was cuttin heads with the mysterious Samuraiguitar, I just had to check it out.

JT was very nervous but knew that Steve was the man to get him out of trouble. “JT you want to come back to my studio for a drink and maybe jam a little”. JT heart was racing at 200 bpm in a nervous voice he replied ” yeah sssshaw why not lifes to short and this could be a fuckin dream”

The limo drove off and was heading back to Steves studio the night was chilly, the moon was full but JT kept telling himself ” Don’t wake up I cant wake up stay asleep because if this is only a dream its a fuckin good one” Little did JT know that this night was fare from being a dream……

To be continued.

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