Why people put down others?

I would like to share something very profound I came across the other day:

The people who have a good heart, the ones who want to see others succeed, are the only people who’s opinion should matter. Those are people who have confidence in their own abilities. Those types of people don’t mind helping others succeed. They don’t look for the negatives, but rather for any positive which can be used to build on.

People who matter don’t see a badly written story, or a poorly sung song, or a poorly drawn painting or a poorly played musical instrument. They see potential. They see what could be. The people who matter are the ones who see the bright spots, the little glimmers of talent. While those who don’t matter will see a little bud on a plant, the ones who matter see what will be: a beautiful rose.

All in all when you’re REALLY feeling good about yourself, you don’t need to try and make others feel bad.

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