Long wait bitter sweet (Bar Valente)

I was having a coffee at Bar Valente, which is situated at 471 Marrickville Rd Dulwich Hill. Must say its a very relaxing cafe. The cafe is not trying to impress anyone with some sort of Urban chic. They make great coffee which is expected since they use Toby’s Estate Coffee. However I ordered a large cappuccino and a sweet biscuit that had chocolate on it. Twenty-five minutes later still no biscuit – only my coffee which by this time was more than half empty.

I did make the comment and did receive my sweet delight. In the end my sweet turned out to be saw-dust in my mouth as I only had a few drops of coffee left. Would I go back again? Of course…the coffee is very good and its very relaxing. I am not being critical, just want to make a statement that people who work in cafes should be a little more observant.

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