Pathetic Hosting Companies

Hi All,

I have a small web consulting company. I use to have all customers hosted with in the UK and had around 15 customers. Then one day they were doing an upgrade of their servers and my server was down for 3 days. I complained but never received feed back. I did some investigation and found out that the actual servers used by AXD hosting were sitting in a data center that sold these servers to another company that AXD used to set up their business. This means they did not have their own infrastructure.

Over the 3 years that I was with them I had very bad service and lost some clients due to massive down time. I then had to act quickly so I decided to shop around and decided to go with They have been in business for over Ten years. I actually know the CEO personally.

However it took me three years to change to them. Thus knowing the CEO did not influence my decision.

Today as I am writing this blog entry I still have 3 not important websites on AXD as I have migrated all others to Digital pacific. Now what upsets me is that my server at AXD hosting has been off line for over 5 hours today and in that time I still have had no reply to my support ticket I sent.

Please if you see AXD Hosting run away and never use them. What is very strange is that their own website never goes down but their customers do. This shows how much they care about customer service.

Oh by the way i did manage at one stage to get in contact with them took me 4 days of investigating to ring the UK number and get a kid at home who told me his brother had gone to the shops and would be back in 30 minutes. What the …………………….

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